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Adriana Posada

D.O.M, Licensed Acupuncture Physician.


  • English

  • Spanish

Florida Licensed and nationally board certified Acupuncture Physician which strongly believes in the body’s natural healing powers and in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine for the profound studies of the human body and its connections with the mind, spirit and nature.


She graduated from Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine with a master degree in Acupuncture and Oriental medicine and a Bachelors in Health Sciences. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineer. 

After major health events in her family, that didn't respond to western medicine, her interest in finding the answers that she was not getting increased and drove her into studying acupuncture and Oriental medicine. "I like to understand how things work and why things happen in a certain way. It was only after many life experiences that I understood that my true call was to help others improve their health."


Adriana offers her patients a caring and nurturing environment, where she looks at the whole picture to treat them as her patients and not just the disease.


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